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Overcoming Perfectionism Anxiety

In college, I discovered the anxiety that I didn’t know I had, but looking back, the symptoms were always with me. While I have always had generalized anxiety, focusing on control, my primary symptoms surrounded perfectionism, specifically related to my grades in high school and college. I had my first panic attack in my first…

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Coping Skills Workshop @ Stockton University

Coping Skills Workshop for Suicide Prevention Awareness and Disordered Eating Awareness and Prevention. A workshop to learn 5 new positive coping skills in 1 hour. What was your budget for this activity? This event did not cost our chapter any money because we used supplies we already had, such as crayons and online coloring pages,…

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Dog Therapy at Universities Supports Students in Multiple Ways

At Stockton University, student wellness is a top priority. Although there are many outlets for physical, mental, creative, and spiritual needs of students, there is one outlet that just seems to top the rest. Therapy dogs. Nate Morell, the Active Minds Advisor a Stockton, would say that he has never seen more students smile than…

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