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What Being “The Most Trusted Stranger in America” Taught Me About Mental Health

Nicknames can say a lot about a person. Some are common, some unique, some inside jokes, and some self-explanatory. For years, I’ve been known as “​​The Most Trusted Stranger in America.” Every year, I receive thousands of secrets from strangers worldwide: from topics as serious as affairs and proposals to something as simple as accidentally…

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What Our Secrets Can Tell Us

PostSecret is a community art project I started on a whim over a decade ago. I printed up a few thousand postcards, handed them out on the streets of Washington, DC, invited people to write down a secret they had never told anyone before, decorate the card, and then mail it to my home in…

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From the Active Minds Speakers Bureau: Be Who You Needed

Frank Warren is the creator of PostSecret and a member of the Active Minds Speakers Bureau. Bring Frank to your campus to speak about mental health.  I posted this image on the PostSecret Facebook page last week and it reached nearly 5,000,000 people. I don’t know the specific reasons why so many people chose to…

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