Blog Posts by Jaiden Singh

Recognizing, Addressing, and Managing Stress as a College Student

April is Stress Awareness Month, a time to take a step back and shed light on the causes and consequences of stress, one of the most common mental health topics confronting students. It’s the time of year when spring break feels like a distant memory and final exams loom right around the corner, leaving many…

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The Key to Meaningful Conversations About Mental Health

When I helped found an Active Minds chapter at my high school, V-A-R® was one of the first pieces of national programming we participated in. As new members of the movement, V-A-R was a relatable and useful skill for us to learn and was simple and effective to promote on our campus. Now, two and…

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Five Things That Helped My Mental Health During COVID-19

This summer, as the fall semester of my freshman year at the University of Arizona, loomed, I had to make the difficult decision whether to stay home or head to campus and live the traditional freshman experience I imagined. Based on a wide variety of factors, I chose to stay home and attend school remotely…

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