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Supporting Athletes’ Mental Health: In the Backyard and at the Olympics

In February of 2010, when the Winter Olympics were being hosted in Vancouver, Canada, my high school social studies teacher approached me. “Markie, I was watching figure skating last night, and you are the only figure skater I know. I have to ask… How do skaters get to the Olympics after training for years, doing…

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Confronting the Winter Blues

As a junior in college, I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa over winter break. Getting out of the northern hemisphere provided me the chance to experience a second summer during January. Spending weeks seeing the sun reflecting off the white-sandy beaches of the Western Cape and feeding the beautiful…

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Growing Up with Undiagnosed OCD: How My Diagnosis Changed My Perspective

I want to start by telling you about the bane of my existence in elementary school: card changes. Each day all the cards started on green, but if you did something wrong, the teacher would give you a card change. This meant you had to go in front of the class and change your card…

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