Blog Posts by Meghan Nelligan

A Letter to My Active Minds Chapter

Going off to college was both exciting and terrifying. A part of me was ready to experience somewhere other than my small town in New Jersey. But, another part of me was so overwhelmed by the idea of change. And having been recently diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, I was worried about how overwhelming this…

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Stress Less this April, and Beyond

The culture on a university campus is one that normally prioritizes grades, socializing, sports, and greek life above mental health breaks. It can be stressful. As an undergraduate, it was not uncommon to hear one of my friends say every day, “I am overwhelmed.” Many students struggle to balance their school responsibilities and their social…

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Women Who Advocate for Mental Health Everyday

March is Women’s History Month, a time to applaud the contributions all women have made in our society. Women have made significant impacts in changing the conversation around mental health, providing resources to those struggling, and sharing their own stories to bring mental health out into the open. This following list we compiled in honor…

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