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You’re More Than Your Grades: Tips for Staying Well During Finals Season

It’s that time of year again. A time when college students across the country are camped out in libraries, surrounded by stacks of flashcards, empty coffee cups, and months worth of notes, otherwise known as finals season.  I’m right there too – over the next week or so, I have three finals, a four-thousand-word essay,…

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A Simple Tool to Help a Complex Conversation

With the holiday season in full swing, what I am thankful for has been at the forefront of my mind. While I am very grateful of course for my family, friends, and lenient professors amid the pandemic, I’m also more appreciative than ever for the ability to share about my mental health in a community…

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Will Ted Lasso Take Part in Changing the Culture around Mental Health?

Disclaimer: Information in this blog post discusses up to season two, episode ten of “Ted Lasso.” Ted Lasso, the protagonist of my new favorite show, is an American football coach turned fútbol (soccer) coach who experiences the challenges of an unfamiliar sport while coaching at one of the highest levels in the world. Ted Lasso,…

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