Chapter Fundraising Hot Tips

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Robyn Suchy
Robyn Suchy


Fundraising Hot Tip #1: Remember the Why

Many chapter leaders tell us that they feel like they’re fighting an uphill battle on their campuses. You might feel like you and your fellow chapter leaders are the only ones so passionately committed to mental health advocacy in what can feel like a thankless effort. It can be isolating and disheartening to feel like this but I’m here to tell you, as we tell people every day, you’re not alone.

In fact, being part of the Active Minds chapter network means that your campus is one of more than 480 high schools, colleges, and universities around the US and Canada where students are organizing grassroots mental health advocacy programming, education, and training. Not only are you one of these chapters, but you’re one of nearly 15,000 young adults changing the conversation about mental health every year. And that number is growing at a truly exponential rate. In 2018, thanks to your dedication and fundraising efforts, more than 85 new chapters were launched!

This year we’re on track to meet and surpass these numbers and your efforts to fundraise on behalf of the Active Minds National Movement is vital to maintaining that momentum. The network that you’re a part of was built on the successes, efforts, challenges, and growth of hundreds of thousands of chapter leaders before you and you have an opportunity to make a bigger impact than ever, sharing in and contributing to this amazing movement.