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Active Minds at SCAD

SCAD Active Minds launched during Spring quarter of 2019. With only one quarter before most students would head home for the summer, our SCAD chapter of Active Minds needed to work proficiently to be as effective as possible. We had two main projects, one of which being the Humans of SCAD Project. Because our chapter of Active Minds is aimed at acting as an outreach for students and creating a positive environment, we wanted to face the challenges of acknowledging the struggles of mental health, while glorifying the creative and positive processes one may need to experience to work towards getting better internally. As a chapter, we strive to include all students, on and off campus. We also aim to integrate programs and events that are applicable and appealing to students of all years: freshman to senior.


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HOW DO YOU OVERCOME ADVERSITY? Tate responds: “When I’m not doing well mentally, I feel most inspired to get back into routines. Exercising, eating healthier, and re-organizing my living space are an incredible addition to getting better.” // “How do you overcome adversity?” is a question that acknowledges that positive mental health is not always an easy process. As students especially, we are constantly adjusting to new changes, schedules, and obstacles in our studies, jobs, relationships, and everyday lives. The Humans of SCAD Project allows us to be honest with ourselves and others in what actions have made an impact in bettering our attitudes and well-being. For this project, we ask that the students of SCAD respond to our question. Identities can be shown through photographs or completely anonymous. Click the SCAD Active Minds IG story when active to reply, and provide a photograph if you feel comfortable. If you’d like your identity to be kept secret, follow the google forum link in our bio to respond in complete secrecy. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We sat down to brainstorm a program that everyone could participate in, and would not necessarily need to be physically present for in order to do so. Social media is a factor in the SCAD Active Minds chapter that we decided early on we wanted to be consistent in. The Humans of SCAD project allowed all students of all majors and years to participate, by simply responding to a question on Instagram: How do you overcome adversity?

A member of our club brought her camera to a meeting and we took photos of all the members that were present that day. Everyone presented their responses openly and honestly to one another. We knew that if we all responded sincerely, it would encourage others to feel more comfortable to do the same.

We had no expectations as far as how many people would participate in the program but we were ecstatic to see the outcome. A variety of students (as far as age and majors) responded to our Instagram story question over the course of a few days. With the Humans of SCAD program being our second program, we were excitedly overwhelmed by the amount of feedback and words of encouragement we received.

The Humans of SCAD project is significant to us because positive mental health is not an easy thing to come by. We want the students of SCAD to view our chapter as a club with a realistic and down-to-earth approach instead of one that feels mechanical and robotic. The student to student aspect of Active Minds is what is going to make our chapter successful; so that we all may be present and here for one another.

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