My name is Katia and I’m a senior in high school…

Katia Seitz
Katia Seitz

My name is Katia and I’m a senior in high school. Life is really good for me now, but two years ago that wasn’t the case. At the time, I was struggling with an eating disorder and spent time in a hospital to get the help I needed. I’m so grateful for my recovery.

I learned a lot from the experience, and now want everyone to know that dealing with your mental health is important. There are ways to prevent issues from reaching the critical stage it did with me. My wish to spread this message is why I started an Active Minds chapter at my school. Since then I’ve been so proud of my chapter’s success — we have among the most student participation out of more than 40 activity clubs at my school!

It sounds simple, but students need to hear from each other. I found that many people were feeling raw, alone, and like they couldn’t trust anyone. Having Active Minds gives you courage and confidence. We learn there’s no shame to having depression, anxiety, or any other issue. We encourage hope and positive action.

It definitely takes a lot of work to run a chapter, and also takes donor support. A $30 donation helps supply an Active Minds chapter like mine with a resource box of mental health materials. A $100 donation helps provide us with high-quality mental health and suicide prevention training. Your gift can do so much good.



This work is so important. Thank you for supporting me and others in providing help and hope.