Healthy Socializing

Navigating conversations with others about socializing

Readiness for social interaction varies. Remember that comfort levels are different for everyone. If you are navigating a difficult conversation with someone, use Active Minds’ V-A-R tool to validate their feelings before jumping into solutions. Visit for more information.

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Socializing safely

Even as vaccinations increase, it is still important to engage in safety precautions to protect yourself and others (especially people who are immunocompromised), to prevent spread or a resurgence of the virus and its variants, and to respect the needs or wishes of others who might not be quite ready to fully re-engage. The best…

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Dealing with social anxiety or not feeling as outgoing as prior to the pandemic

In compliance with public health guidelines, many of us have had limited in-person social interactions during COVID-19. Spending so much time alone may mean that people – not just those who typically avoid social interaction, but many who pre-pandemic might have enjoyed it – may find it difficult to adjust when it is time to…

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