In the Strategic Plan

What resources are available to help me?

The following resources will help you make the case by gathering other campus partners, data, and student stories ahead of your meeting: Active Minds’ Healthy Campus Award Key Findings Report Transform Your Campus Advocacy Guide The Steve Fund & JED Foundation’s Equity in Mental Health Framework How to Build Bridges Between Overlooked Students and Administrators

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How should I define success?

Locate your university’s strategic plan. If it’s not available online, contact your Counseling Center Director or Dean of Students and ask if they can help you locate it. Search for keywords related to mental health, such as: “wellbeing” and “wellness,” and keywords related to inclusion, such as “diversity” and “equity.” If the plan is missing…

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Who should I talk to in order to make change happen?

Ultimately, the Provost and/or University President are typically the decision-makers you will need to engage. Depending on the size and nature of your campus, you may be able to schedule a meeting with them directly through their assistants or you may need to first approach the Dean of Students or Vice-Provost.

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