Money and funding

How do chapters find funding?

Chapters are usually able to acquire funds through their school’s budgeting and allocations process for student organizations. The process varies campus to campus, but typically involves a chapter submitting a proposal or budget to the student government association, which then decides to award some or all of the requested funds. Chapters also engage in fundraising…

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How much should we ask for in a budget?

Chapters’ yearly budgets range from $0-$5,000+ with most falling somewhere between $100 and $600. Start by setting goals for the semester or year ahead and calculating the cost associated with each to estimate how much money will be necessary to accomplish your goals. Aim high, but be realistic and know that quite often a funding…

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Does it cost anything to start a chapter of Active Minds?

There are no dues associated with being an Active Minds chapter. That said, all Active Minds chapters are strongly encouraged to join the Active Minds movement by fundraising to support the growth and sustainability of the organization on a national level. Plus, there are cool bonuses! See the Chapter Fundraising page for more information. We…

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