Feel Free To:

  • Follow Slack and participate in channels and conversations that seem appealing to you
  • Use Slack primarily within standard business hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5:00 pm (in time zones across the United States)
  • Pose questions and ideas to Active Minds staff, interns, and fellow Active Minds chapter leaders
  • Start conversation threads off of posts that you would like to engage with further
  • Chat with a specific peer, or several, using Direct Messages
  • Express appreciations, share successes, troubleshoot challenges, etc.
  • Add reaction emojis to posts!
  • Request that a unique channel be created to discuss a specific topic or connect with leaders who have commonalities (i.e., geographic regions, type or size of school, awareness campaigns, specific events)
  • Report any posts that cause you concern or distress.