What new things can we expect from SSP 2.0?

SSP 2.0 focuses on a wraparound experience for hosts and community members for long term impact that promotes ongoing conversations about mental health rather than a one-time intervention in the form of a singular event. In addition to a customized needs assessment, menu of options, and one-year impact report offered to each host as part of the pre and post event services available to them, the landscape of the program itself on the day of the event has been transformed in the image of an immersive experience similar to a guided museum exhibit. Its four main parts include a story labyrinth with 100 stories on 100 backpacks that are elevated on t-stands for accessibility and visual purposes, a Behind the Backpacks audio storytelling tent with headphones and seating, a Resource Tent with literature for help-seeking and skills building, and a Hope Wall to encourage reflection and uplifting messages.