What people are saying about Frank

“I want to share this with you: our intern, a high school senior, just came to me today to confide in me that he has an opioid addiction which shocked me — and broke my heart. He said that being at the PostSecret presentation and reception really woke him up and made him aware that he was in trouble. He is now getting help and we’re all hoping that he can heal from this ordeal. But I wanted you to know the impact that it had on him. I’m sure it touched many, many others as well. People were coming up to me saying, “This was the best event we’ve ever had here!” 

– Carol Nix, Director, NC State

“On behalf of the Texas Council of Community Centers, thank you for your inspiring keynote at our 34th Annual Conference. What a poignant and significant way to start our conference. Your powerful message resonated with our crowd, most of whom are involved in mental health service delivery in Texas. Thank you for reminding us to take a moment to reflect on the power of a secret to find ways to connect more deeply with each other. Regardless of where we are in life, your words call on us to have the courage to both speak out when we need to and to be more attuned listeners when it comes to our professional and personal relationships. Thank you again for your message and for sharing your personal story with us.”

– Danette Castle, CEO of Texas Council Community Centers, 2019