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Active Minds at William & Mary
Active Minds at William & Mary

#WhatIWouldSay… if I knew a loved one was struggling with mental health issues.

William and Mary students shared messages of hope for Mental Health Awareness Week (October 2018) through their #WhatIWouldSay campaign.


From one of our new members, Sayran Ihsan, who is a freshman at the College:

“It was particularly heartwarming to hear the words some students shared at this activity that they may or may not have written down on their whiteboards, but expressed active awareness for the importance of mental health. All the comments that our peers wrote down could potentially be reflections of relationships and experiences they’ve fostered over the course of their lives, and it’s comforting to know that our campus community is genuinely interested in cultivating a supportive atmosphere for everyone.”



From our chapter president Abby Jackson:

“Active Minds did this whiteboard campaign two years ago and I really wanted to bring it back this year for Mental Health Awareness Week. A lot of students participated and were happy to do so, and I feel like putting all of the photos on social media throughout the week really helped students see how many people were out there rooting for them. I hope to make this a yearly contribution that Active Minds makes to the William Mary community.”



Megan Schnellenberger’s thoughts on the #WhatIWouldSay campaign:

“Being a PR Chair for our chapter, I was the one who went through all of the photos from the campaign and posted them on our Instagram account. Seeing just how many students stepped up and contributed their words of support was heartwarming and I think it speaks to the kind of community we have here on campus. I’m proud of all of our members who volunteered to table for the campaign throughout the week, and I really hope it’s something we continue to do in the future. I hope that other students on our campus who may be struggling with mental health problems see these photos of their peers and that it helps them to feel less alone.”


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