featuring Frank Warren of PostSecret

A man with short gray hair and glasses stands in front of a black background wearing an argyle sweater. He holds his hand in a fist across his chest, with the words

Frank Warren is America’s most trusted stranger. He is the sole creator of the PostSecret Project, a growing collection of over a million artful secrets mailed to his home from around the world.

The PostSecret website has earned over 820 million visits, becoming the world’s largest advertisement-free blog. The project’s popularity and impact have earned Warren recognition as one of the top five influential people on the internet by Forbes. Warren’s six books have all become bestsellers and his popular TED Talk was called The Number 1 TED Talk That Hold the Key to Public Speaking Geniusby Inc Magazine. His work has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, USA Today, The New York Times, The Today Show, 20/20, and CNN.


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