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Please provide a mental health resource that is available to your organization, institution, or community.

What 4 size t-shirt would you like included in your kit? (Note: We only carry unisex sizes: S, M, L, XL)

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Program Agreement

By selecting "I agree," I, and all other agents executing PostSecretU at the named organization, promise to abide by and adhere to the following terms and conditions necessary for legal use of PostSecretU and its associated trademarks and copyrights.

Purchaser and all other agents executing PostSecretU at the named organization agree to:

  • Receive administrator, local official, and/or financial officer approval to run PostSecretU in advance of ordering the PostSecretU kit.
  • Notify and confirm all local mental health services and resources to be included in materials distributed to program participants, including personalized sticky notes.
  • Execute the program using only official PostSecretU postcards and sticky notes.
  • Affix sticky notes to every postcard and make best attempt to ensure they remain affixed and available upon distribution.
  • Develop a process for responding to specific threats of harm to self or others wherein the perpetrator or victim of such acts are identifiable.
  • Develop a process for responding to hate speech, libel, and slander.
  • Refrain from posting secrets in any digital public platform including, but not limited to, a blog, social media, or via video for public consumption.
  • Respect usage allowances made by Frank Warren and under associated PostSecret trademark and copyright agreements.
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