Laura Horne Recognized as Runner-Up in Nonprofit HR’s 2024 Social Impact Women to Watch List

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Active Minds is proud to announce that Laura Horne, Chief Program Officer, has been recognized as a runner-up in Nonprofit HR’s 2024 Social Impact Women to Watch list. This prestigious honor celebrates Laura’s profound contributions to the nonprofit sector and her unwavering commitment to advancing mental health initiatives nationwide.

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As Chief Program Officer at Active Minds, Laura spearheads innovative strategies and fosters unique partnerships to position youth and young adults to be advocates for comprehensive mental health approaches within society. Her leadership has been instrumental in overseeing Active Minds’ innovative peer-to-peer programs, including a nationwide network of over 600 college and high school chapters, Send Silence Packing®, Active Minds Speakers, and A.S.K. (formerly V-A-R®) initiatives.

Prior to her role at Active Minds, Laura Horne provided technical assistance and training to a diverse network of community coalitions, working towards health policy implementation and chronic disease prevention at the National Association of County and City Health Officials. With over 15 years of experience in public health and communications, Laura’s impact has been recognized by prominent media outlets such as NPR, Forbes, CNN, and Newsweek.

“We’re proud of the great work that Laura accomplishes with her team that has led to this recognition,” said Alison Malmon, Founder & Executive Director of Active Minds, Inc. “With her leadership, we continue to move closer to our goal of mobilizing youth and young adults to be the change that is needed more than ever in how we talk about and support mental health nationwide.”

Upon learning of her recognition as a finalist in Nonprofit HR’s 2024 Social Impact Women to Watch list, Laura expressed gratitude for the opportunity to continue championing mental health initiatives on a national scale.

“I am deeply honored to be recognized among the exceptional women driving positive change in the nonprofit sector,” said Laura Horne, Chief Program Officer at Active Minds, Inc.. “This acknowledgment reaffirms the importance of our collective efforts in advocating for mental health awareness and support, and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue this vital work alongside my dedicated colleagues at Active Minds.”

Nonprofit HR’s Social Impact Women to Watch list highlights the remarkable achievements of women leaders who inspire change and make a lasting impact on communities across North America. Laura Horne’s inclusion as a runner-up underscores her significant contributions to advancing mental health awareness and support, reinforcing her position as a trailblazer in the nonprofit sector.

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