Practitioners, Advocates Urge Swift Action on Bill Expanding Access to Mental Health Screenings in Schools

April 14, 2023

Lacey Johnson, (202) 880-6989,

Colorado bill pushing for increased access to mental health screenings in schools passes committee vote; Active Minds calls for complete passage of bill in state legislature. 

DENVER – Given Colorado’s track record of being among the states with the highest mental health need, especially for young people, mental health practitioners and advocates are praising the passage of HB23-1003 in committee, which will improve mental health access in schools by increasing the availability of mental health screenings. In testimony ahead of the committee vote, Lauren Cikara, Active Minds‘ Vice President of School Mental Health, urged the full state legislature to swiftly send to the bill to the governor’s desk and highlighted the concrete interventions in the bill that will address health care inequity:

“By targeting schools with these specific needs, we can allocate resources more efficiently and make a meaningful difference in the lives of students who might otherwise be overlooked. 

“Active Minds and our eight Colorado chapters strongly support HB23-1003 as an essential measure to address the growing mental health crisis among children in Colorado. We believe that mental health screenings in schools are a vital tool in identifying and addressing the needs of students, ultimately saving lives and fostering a more supportive and inclusive school environment. We urge the committee to pass this bill and help pave the way for a healthier future for Colorado’s youth.”

Working alongside organizations like Inseparable and Hopeful Futures Campaign, fellow nonprofits focused on mental health, Active Minds supports legislation at the local, state, and federal levels that will prioritize equitable access to mental health care. With students statewide in dire straits, targeting students at schools with few resources in place to address the youth mental health crisis will ensure that the most vulnerable students receive competent care.


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