chapter fundraising

Group of students at Delaware

fundraising is an essential part of advocacy

Fundraising for the Active Minds national movement brings chapters to more campuses and provides resources and technical assistance that empowers students all over the country to change the conversation about mental health. In 2018, new chapters were launched at 85 high schools, colleges, and universities, and chapter fundraising in a key part of maintaining the momentum!

fundraising ideas, support, and bonuses

We’re here with you every step of the way, with ideas, resources, and one-on-one conversations to help you set and reach your fundraising goals. Download the Chapter Foundations Workbook to get started and check the “Chapter Fundraising” tag on our blog for chapter fundraising ideas. We also have a channel in the student leader Slack network for you to brainstorm and troubleshoot with other chapters around the country.  Check back here regularly for new resources to aid your fundraising efforts.

how to submit funds

Online with a credit card

The easiest way to submit funds to the national office is by using the online chapters donation form. Choose your chapter’s name from the dropdown list. In the “Billing Information” section, select the option that says “I am donating as this chapter’s representative.” You’ll get an email acknowledgement and the funds will be automatically credited to your chapter’s fundraising goal.

Mail a check

You can turn any cash you receive into a check and send the check to Active Minds. If you need one, you can get a cashier’s check from the post office or bank. Make the check payable to Active Minds and be sure that your chapter’s full name (no abbreviations) is written in the memo area. Complete a printed donation form and enclose the check and form in an envelope and mail to Active Minds, c/o Chapter Fundraising, 2001 S Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20009.

When are the funds due?

Funds are due by June 30 each year. All checks must be dated and received by June 30. Any funds received after June 30 will be applied to your chapter’s fundraising for the following academic year.