Mental Health Month Partner Toolkit

mental health awareness month ACTIVE MINDS 2022

friends and partners!

This Mental Health Month, help us highlight the intersection of mental health and the everyday with our “Mental Health +” campaign.

We know it can be easy to treat mental health as a separate part of our life, distinct from our personal and professional selves. But mental health is interwoven into everything – sometimes we just might need help noticing it.

Join us in suggesting simple actions and ideas for seeing, addressing, and valuing the presence of our mental health in all areas of our life.

how to use this toolkit

  • Keep scrolling for shareable language and graphics to let your network know how to get involved in this campaign. These can be shared on your favorite social media platforms, in emails, and anywhere else your audience exists!
  • Follow us on Instagram, where we’ll be sharing content throughout the month of May (which we invite YOU to share on your own platforms as well!).
  • Stay tuned as we unveil our full Mental Health + campaign on May 1! We will be sharing thirty-one easy actions to take that highlight the intersection of mental health and the everyday.


A group of six young adults and a chapter adviser stand together with their arms around one another. There are stylized blue shapes overlapping the image and yellow stars framing the group.

how to get involved

We need your help to spread the word! Use this portal to download graphics and captions to share with your network to inspire them to take action throughout Mental Health Month.

Stylized graphics of a rainbow, a rose, a vase pouring water, a closed eye, a swimming koi, and sprouts growing from a pool of water with the words Mental Health Plus: Mental Health Awareness Month 2022


mental health can and should be a part of our everyday.

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During times like Mental Health Month, it can be easy to think of mental health as something separate from the rest of our lives. Active Minds is sharing 31 ways to integrate our mental health into our everyday routines this May! Head to Active Minds’ Instagram and website to find which actions work best for you this month and enjoy the added benefit of supporting your mental health. #mentalhealthplus

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A koi swimming in front of a pool with green sprouts growing out of it. The words Mental Health Plus: Mental Health Awareness Month 2022 appear below.


and remind your audience: nature and environment can affect well-being.

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Did you know getting a daily dose of sunshine can improve your sleep cycle? It’s just one of the many ways paying attention to our surroundings can impact our mental health. Take this Mental Health Month as a chance to see, value, and address mental health in all parts of our life with Active Minds. Try whichever of their 31 actions make sense for you, and shout them out in the comments. Meanwhile, we’ll be outside. #mentalhealthplus

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A vase with a closed eye in front of it pours water onto a rose with an abstract shape in the background. The words Mental Health Plus: Mental Health Awareness Month 2022 appear at the bottom.


let your community know: plan ahead to take care of ourselves in good times and bad. it’s worth it.

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When’s the last time you added a new step to your mental health maintenance routine? Integrate mental health into your everyday routines this May – from calming tapping techniques to boundary setting – and see if one small change adds up to a big effect. Check out 31 ideas from Active Minds for Mental Health Month, and discover which practices work for you. #mentalhealthplus

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A stylized rainbow surrounded by flower petals and light blue clouds


help to inspire your network: be the change for mental health inclusion at all levels.

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Mental health is intertwined within all aspects of our lives, and it inspires action across the globe – from simply gaining a deeper understanding, to advocating for inclusion, and organizing for change. This Mental Health Month, we can boldly act to change the way our culture values and cares for mental health. Pick one (or more) of the 31 ideas from Active Minds shared on their website and take action to support not only our own mental health but the mental health of our communities. #mentalhealthplus

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Two intersecting, stylized human faces looking in opposite directions with stars for eyes and an abstract yellow shape behind them. The words Mental Health Plus: Mental Health Awareness Month 2022 appear at the bottom.


remember: we can change the conversation together.

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One of the most impactful things you can do for your mental health is reach out to a friend. This month, Active Minds is sharing 31 simple ways to incorporate mental health into every aspect of our lives, including techniques on how to connect with the important people in your life. Head to their Instagram and website to learn more about #mentalhealthplus

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