Send Silence Packing Planning Checklist for Hosts

Host Planning Checklist 


Reserve large outdoor space in a central part of the campus or area of the community – spacious, open, and natural high-traffic.

In the case of inclement weather, have an indoor space reserved as backup.

If necessary, please send any special event or vendor paperwork to Active Minds for completion.

Complete any necessary permits for the event.

Truck Parking and Unloading

Reserve parking for Send Silence Packing truck during site-visit in advance of display date.

Get ready to schedule a site visit with the Exhibit Team a day or two prior to your display date.

Designate loading and unloading zone for 16 foot Send Silence Packing truck.

Reserve parking (on-site at display preferred) for Send Silence Packing truck.

Obtain parking permits in advance if necessary.


Recruit volunteers for the day of the event; approximately 25 volunteers is ideal over the course of the day.

Schedule your team of volunteers to attend a Send Silence Packing Volunteer Training before your display date. (SCHEDULE HERE)

Ensure water and snack availability for volunteers throughout the day.


Read over the SSP Accessibility Guidelines Page and ensure that your event is inclusive of people with diverse abilities.

Mental Health Resources

Schedule staff member(s) from the Counseling Center to staff the display and be available in case anyone needs help immediately.

Inquire about information on additional local/campus mental health resources to display and distribute at the display.

Recommended: Create sign-up sheets and flyers that promote your community’s mental health resources, groups (such as Active Minds), services, and more.

Media Outreach and Event Marketing

Media templates and materials are available in the Send Silence Packing Host Media Kit (password: backpacks).

If available, partner with local media and/or campus communications department to assist with outreach.

Develop a campus or community-based advertising strategy and spread the word at least two (2) weeks prior to and leading up to the event. Be sure to inform all volunteers of the location in case of inclement weather.

Additional Considerations for Your Event

You are invited to contribute a backpack to the Send Silence Packing program, if you would like. There is no requirement to include a story with your backpack, but if you know of someone in your community that wants to share a story, they are welcome to do so.

Aim to provide snacks and water for volunteers working the event.

Consider planning supplemental campus programming to occur before, during or after Send Silence Packing to enhance its impact and further instill mental health culture change spurred by the event.

You have permission to use the Send Silence Packing logo on any materials that you produce or order on your own. Please ensure that all promotional materials related to the event following the Active Minds branding guidelines.

Encourage your community to share their story through a personal video at Soapboxx.