Supplemental Programing Ideas for Your Send Silence Packing Event

Before the Event

  • Host a lunch discussion.
  • Show a movie or video.
  • Spread information through campus calendars, social media, campus and local news (utilize the Media Kit (password: backpacks) and write a letter to the editor).
  • Run a backpack drive and collect stories to add to the program so that people will be able to read about experiences from their fellow classmates.
  • Chalk on campus the week or night before to encourage people to stop by the display.

During the Event

  • Partner with other organizations. Organizations with related and relevant missions can table and provide information at the display.
  • Play music. Providing music can help set the tone and ambiance of the display. Acoustic, low-key music has worked best.
  • Organize a lunchtime or afternoon event. The backpacks are a powerful backdrop to any presentation and an event helps bring more visitors to see them. Some ideas include:
    • A mid-afternoon spoken word and poetry event
    • A flash mob where a huge crowd of students froze among the backpacks for a moment of silence
    • A Wellness Walk of self-care resources
    • Hosting a speaker (consider an Active Minds Speaker)
  • Attract students to the display with giveaways and free food.

After the Event

  • Engage with Active Minds programming

    Consider planning programming for the day, week or month after Send Silence Packing to continue the conversation about mental health and suicide. You can advertise the programs or events at the display, since many people that see Send Silence Packing leave interested in learning more and staying involved. You can capitalize on the energy and momentum by planning something to follow.