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Jiggy Yoon

Na Eun “Jiggy” Yoon is a professional mental health speaker from Active Minds.

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About Jiggy

Na Eun “Jiggy” Yoon is a Mental Health Motivational Speaker teaching students, athletes, and young professionals how to perform at their most optimal level WHILE ALSO inspiring them to prioritize their mental health, so that they can continue building their legacy AND enjoy their quality of life — during and after graduating. She is also a Mindset & Performance Coach helping competitive athletes and World Champions build strategies to obtain sustainable, successful, and healthy careers. Additionally, Jiggy is the Founder of Vulnerability Is Dope, an apparel collection with a meaningful message.

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Jiggy was born in South Korea, built in Queens, and has proudly graduated from THE Pennsylvania State University — a time when she was also diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

With a deep dedication to empowering those who are committed to the pursuit of becoming extraordinary, Jiggy is also right there with you — as she navigates through the callings of her own life while simultaneously grieving the passing of both of her parents, defying odds by living with a chronic illness alongside training combat sports, and being a Queer Asian woman.

Through resilience and the power of hope, Jiggy was able to persevere through many different challenges, losses, and traumas in life, in hopes that one day she’ll be able to impact and inspire others who may see a little bit of themselves in her story. Good thing she does this for a living now.

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Key topics

  • Mental health within the LGBTQ+ community
  • People of Color and mental health (including the immigrant experience)
  • Trauma, particularly regarding grieving


Jiggy’s Presentation Options

Did you know? Research shows that, “Self-compassion is one of the most powerful sources of resilience available to us,” and yet we live in a world where hustle & grind are overshadowing the importance of healing & grieving. Today, the student burnout rate is up to 75% while 83% of those students report their academic performance being impacted by their experiences of depression and anxiety. Yet, are we still allowing shameful messages like “Vulnerability is weakness,” “You gotta want it bad enough,” “It’s lonely at the top,” “No one cares, work harder” to continue spreading?

As a motivational speaker, Jiggy is calling out the personal and professional development industry and its irresponsible preachings of developing “beasts” rather than extraordinary humans, and invites all youth and adults to embrace the power and resilience of R.E.S.T.

In this presentation, Jiggy shares her personal stories of tragedies, losses, and the consequences she’s endured due to the lack of prioritizing her mental health and grieving, as she simply only didn’t know better other than what society told her to do — Show up no matter what, work overtime, and climb the corporate ladder — even if it means it’s on the day of her mother’s funeral. We will also explore practical strategies and insights to incorporate R.E.S.T. into your daily life.

By learning to (R)eflect on your emotions, carry (E)mpathy for yourself, (S)eek support when needed, and allowing yourself to (T)ake your time to heal, you will see through Jiggy’s own battle-tested experiences that you, too, can build resilience that withstands the tests of time. Whether you’re facing personal struggles, professional challenges, or simply seeking to enhance your overall well-being, R.E.S.T. offers a roadmap for navigating life’s ups and downs with grace and strength.


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  • “What makes Jiggy such a powerful speaker/life coach is her personal journey and her willingness to reveal her shortcomings/failures. Jiggy has endured many personal tragedies and risen above them. Her fierce love for family, friends, and her passion to help young people embrace their vulnerability are inspiring. Jiggy and her stories are relatable. Jiggy is just like us and she speaks to you like a friend. And indeed, that is who she is. Your truest friend. Your most loyal ally.”
    — Student Audience Member, Penn State University
  • “I can’t tell you how powerful it was to be here and listen to Jiggy speak. There’s so much of her story that is relatable to so many people and the advice that she gives is so vulnerable. I know that sounds funny because “Vulnerability Is Dope” is her thing, but it really comes from a place that is truly her life experiences brought out in her words, and she helps you to see how her experiences, how her healing could become yours. It’s truly her sharing how you can achieve the same success that she has, in terms of becoming a happier and healthier human being, and I put a lot of emphasis on human BEING because one of the most powerful things she said today was that ‘You have to remember that you’re human.’ We talk all the time about the ‘beast’ or the ‘machines’ or ‘lions’ or ‘wolves’, but the reality is that that thinking has led me to where I am today — where I forgot I was a human. To hear her remind me of that literally brought me to tears. So, it was a beautiful, absolutely powerful, and empowering way to hear the messages that we have all desperately been needing to hear, and there’s just not enough people in this world that are sending out the same messages.”
    — Student Audience Member, Butte College Link
  • “We just had the pleasure and wonderful experience of having Jiggy Yoon speak to our students here. There was an overwhelmingly positive response; I was surprised at how many people came — I would say there were at least 400. People were very moved — I saw people in the audience with tears in their eyes. So many students were asking Jiggy questions afterwards. I was just amazed at her ability to really reach the crowd. She was funny, she was energized, I never got bored — and I have ADHD, so that’s saying something. I get bored pretty easily when speakers aren’t engaging, and she was incredibly engaging — especially speaking to young people who have been through a lot of trauma themselves and are oftentimes told to just get over it and move on, and Jiggy’s message is opposite of that… Which is “You have to learn how to take care of yourself,” “Have compassion for yourself,” and “Take rest when you need it, grieve when you need to.” I really appreciate her message and her energy. I hope we can bring her back here soon.”
    — Amy Antongiovanni, English Department Faculty, Butte College Link
  • “The students were very happy with the presentation — a lot of them were very reflective. Your message is one that multiple people needed to hear — it was very timely. We used to have a Support Group on campus that focused on the mental health aspects of things for our students, and there’s been requests to restart that Support Group because people really want to continue having these conversations, so our supervisor is open to that idea. The students have reported being inspired and deeply moved, and found your message to be very helpful.”
    — Kintay D. Johnson, Director, Multicultural & Equity Center, Redwoods Community College District
  • “Jiggy was a fantastic resource to come speak with our team. She is captivating, human, encouraging, and really helped make space for my team to lean into the self-compassion needed for high performance. We were so lucky to have her and I’d recommend her work for any other organization facing a high growth atmosphere.”
    — Carin Van Vuuren, Chief Marketing Officer, Greenhouse Software
  • “Thank you, Jiggy, for your invaluable role in making our Leadership Conference a success. Thanks also for seeing – really seeing – our students. Your story is so inspirational and resonates with everyone.”
    — Karen Stroud-Phillips, Director of Student Success and Pre-College Programs, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business


Thank you, Jiggy, for your invaluable role in making our Leadership Conference a success. Thanks also for seeing — really seeing — our students. Your story is so inspirational and resonates with everyone.

Karen Stroud-Phillips

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