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Kevin Berthia

Kevin Berthia is a professional mental health speaker from Active Minds.

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About Kevin

Kevin Berthia is a Suicide Survivor, Advocate, and Speaker. Kevin pours his heart into sharing his powerful story of growing up in silence, always feeling the need to hide the unbearable pain he was in. Through high school and into his early twenties, Kevin was known as the life of the party. Until his very public suicide attempt at the Golden Gate Bridge changed everything. Since 2013 Kevin has captivated his audiences with his candidness about how he was able to overcome his pain and fully embrace himself in order to live his best life. He lives to inspire others to break their own silence and know that help is available.

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Kevin’s story of HOPE has touched a diverse group of audiences all around the world including several magazine outlets along with local and national news stations. Kevin’s story was also featured on the Steve Harvey Show, Red Table Talk, and Dr. Phil Show. The photo of him standing on the chord was on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle and placed on the 75 most iconic photos of the 21st Century.

Kevin believes that having surviving an attempted suicide plays a major role in the prevention of additional suicides. No one knows more about the darkness that surrounds suicide than those who have walked in its shadow.

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Key topics

  • Suicide prevention
  • Men’s mental health
  • Depression

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  • “I wanted to thank you for providing us with a great opportunity to bring Kevin to Sonoma County. He is an amazing and inspiring speaker and I have heard great reviews from that night. He is so assessable and relatable, I was profoundly moved by his story and know that everyone there was impacted in such a positive way. We will find a way to bring Kevin back to share his powerful story. Kevin is a great advocate for stigma reduction and I know he will change people’s lives through his story.
  • “There are a number of speakers in the world that have lived experience on many issues that are excellent. Kevin has taken this to a new level. His ability to reach every walk of life at a presentation is amazing to watch. People are drawn to his authenticity, his ability to articulate the pain and suffering that comes with mental health challenges, but most importantly, he leaves you feeling hopeful that on your darkest day there is help. He is truly inspiring and it was a gift to our community when he came to our Suicide Prevention Conference.

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