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The words “I’m Here For You” can mean so much to someone who’s having a hard time

Who’s been #HereForYou?

Looking back, was there a time when things were difficult and someone reached out to you, just when you needed them most?

Share your #HereForYou story!

Post to social media who you’re grateful to — thank them using the hashtag #HereForYou.

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Here for each other

“Here For You” is a positive campaign for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Please share your #HereForYou story on social media to thank a person who supported you and showed they cared.

If you’d like to include #HereForYou graphics in your video or photo, download them here. You can also purchase #HereForYou buttons and stickers in our store.

Thank you to our partners in health, the NFL Players Association.


Learn Basic V-A-R

You don’t have to be an expert to help someone. You just need to be there.


Three easy steps

Is there someone who you can be there for? A friend, family member, teammate, or co-worker?

Sometimes people want to reach out and help when they notice someone is having a hard time, but are unsure what to say or do.

Just follow three easy steps: Validate, Appreciate Refer. V-A-R is Active Minds’ guide on how to listen, respond, and help someone cope. You don’t need to be an expert to help someone, you just need to be there.

If you are worried someone may be considering suicide, find support immediately by texting “BRAVE” to 741-741. Stay with them until they are safe.

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