the words “I’m Here For You” can mean so much to someone who’s having a hard time


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Press pause and color one of our Here For You coloring sheets, raise funds for Active Minds to send this message wider, or make a donation in honor of a friend whose mental health you value enough to say, “I’m #HereForYou!”

Be Ready | Mental Health Resources

Collectively, we are experiencing a moment of crisis and the time has never been more pressing to check in on each other, and to be a contact for our loved ones to turn to if they need support right now — especially the young adults in our lives. Use the resources below to prepare for responding to mental health struggles with our V-A-R conversation guide, tips on what to expect when offering help, and referral resources to consider if someone is having more than a bad day.

It can be challenging to know exactly what to say when someone tells you they are stressed, having a difficult day, are in pain, or have a mental health need. For many people, feeling supported is just what they need.

Active Minds suggests an approach that includes 3 V-A-R Steps so you’ll know what to say and do in those moments. A conversation that includes the elements of Validate-Appreciate-Refer is one that allows you to actively listen to someone you care about and help them cope. A conversation with you could make all the difference and prevent a crisis from developing later.

With V-A-R, Active Minds lets everyone know that someone doesn’t need to be in a crisis to seek help; you don’t have to be an expert to provide help; and help can come in many different forms. Being there for someone in a moment of need is what it’s all about.

It can be as simple as saying, “I believe you,” and “I’m here for you.”

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If you are worried someone may be considering suicide, find support immediately by texting “BRAVE” to 741-741. Stay with them until they are safe.