6 Awesome Ideas for Stress Less Week

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Chapters Team
Chapters Team

It’s one of the toughest times of the year: papers and projects are due, you’re running solely on caffeine and there just isn’t enough time for sleep. That’s why Active Minds is hosting Stress Less Week from April 17-23. We’ve developed tons of resources and programs to help you get through finals with as little stress as possible.

Here are some awesome Stress Less Week programming ideas from your fellow chapters:

  • Laugh More: Stand-Up to Comedy: Active Minds at UC Riverside featured a diverse group of local comedians to promote the benefits of laughter and provide education about mental illness. They partnered with Student Recreation to provide free massages at the event, with the Counseling Center to provide mood screenings, and with the Health Center for dental care kits and sexual health supplies.
  • Treat Yo’Self Self Care Workshop: Active Minds at UCLA provided students an opportunity to explore self-care through coloring, horticulture, journaling, painting, and stress ball making.
  • Stress Less Gift Bags: With an Active Minds Chapter Development Grant, Active Minds at UT San Antonio distributed bubble wrap and free stress less gift bags with chocolates, pencils, tea, stickers, and other goodies.
  • Pancake Bar Fundraiser: Active Minds at Loyola University of Maryland collaborated with RAs to set up a late-night pancake bar for freshmen in a dorm lobby during mid-terms. They accepted donations and provided resources about Active Minds.

And here are two ideas from the national office, too:

  • Practice Self-Care & Snap a Pic: We’re bringing back one of our most popular social media campaigns for Stress Less Week! From April 17-23, take a picture of yourself practicing self-care — maybe practicing yoga or cuddling with a pet — and share it on Instagram with #SelfCareSelfie. We can’t wait to see what you post!
  • New Stress Less Coloring Pages: We worked with Alyse Ruriani, a fantastic Maryland-based artist, to design printable coloring pages that you can download and pass out attabling events and more. Grab some crayons or colored pencils and start de-stressing! You can find the pages in the online Chapter Action Kit.