Explore Mental Health Career Paths with Active Minds’ New Career Exploration Tool

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Graduating from high school and college are monumental milestones in life, marked with enthusiasm for the future and bittersweet moments of closing one chapter in life before moving to another: adulthood. A defining moment of adulthood is deciding on a career path to pursue. Thousands of young adults in the Active Minds network graduate from high school and college every year wondering how they can continue to champion a culture that supports mental health as they pursue their careers. Now, we have an answer: Active Minds has a new initiative dedicated to connecting those passionate about mental health to career paths that cater to both their passions and expertise. Cause + Career is a tool developed to support young and emerging professionals at every stage of starting their career journey.

Cause + Career is the resource for emerging and young professionals. Find jobs, mentorship, networking opportunities, and other resources that nurture your passion for mental health. The jobs and volunteer opportunities listed all relate to mental health, in mission or substance, all while expanding the traditional idea of a career in this industry. Cause + Career helps young adults and emerging professionals answer the question “How do I continue to advocate for and uphold my passion and values around mental health as I pursue my career?” The platform will feature stories, opportunities to connect, and responsive resources – all elements that make this a one-of-a-kind, unique experience.

If you’re just looking to begin your career, Cause + Career also has features tailored for you. The question that is top of mind for most young professionals is,  “What career path is best for me?” It often stems from the lack of awareness about opportunities within a certain career or the fear of making the wrong decision. Thus, we’ve also created an interactive career quiz designed to help young adults explore job opportunities they may be curious about by mapping the job-seeker to different career paths based on their skills and passion. The platform then amplifies jobs and volunteer opportunities within ten mental health career paths to connect emerging and young professionals with opportunities to match their passion and skills. 

Also available to users are Career Connectors, individuals currently working in mental health-related jobs eager to share their expertise and network with the next generation of advocates. This network of professionals are sharing their career stories, many of whom are available to connect with job-seekers to answer questions about their career field or journey, provide professional advice, or develop relationships over time that lead to mentorship. Each Career Connector has a valuable story and insight, with various of their years of experience, to help young adults as they embark on career paths of their own. 

The need for mental health professionals in today’s society is in high demand. Young professionals bring a unique perspective and skills to shape the evolution of the workforce, advocating for the change around mental health culture. Having a representation in spaces when advocating for mental health allows for an expansion of voices, experiences, and stories to be heard.