Fundraising in 30 Minutes or Less!

Active Minds
Active Minds

If you’re stumped on where to get started with fundraising, check out some of these quick and easy ideas to get the ball rolling. Raising your first dollar is the hardest part and any amount of money raised is a sign of successfully getting people invested in your mission and work!

  • Partner with a community organization or restaurant. Find a local Chipotle, Panera, Chili’s, Krispy Kreme, or another restaurant, bakery, or local business and ask the manager if you can host a fundraiser with them. They will likely ask you to pick a date and give you a flyer to hand out to the people who are coming with your group so they know what portion of sales you receive. Share this flyer widely, hand it out in front of the restaurant (if you’re allowed), and if the restaurant asks for tax documents in order to make their donation, you can find that information in the Chapter Foundations Workbook on page 43.
  • Create small sell self-care kits to sell. Buy materials in bulk such as chapstick, candy, fidget toys, coloring pages, crayons, tea, and more. Include information on how to seek help or de-stress and sell complete kits or let people build their own at an event or a table. Pro-Tip: Talk with companies, campus groups or offices, and your chapter members to see if you can get some materials or funds to help you get things started.
  • Do a finals week comfort food fundraiser in the library or another study spot. Late at night, nothing hits the spot like a fresh grilled cheese sandwich, waffle, or hot chocolate. You could even deliver the food to dorms for an additional donation.
  • Make direct asks of other campus organizations, teams, or offices to see if you can share about your work and ask for donations. It can be hard to ask for money, but directly telling people how they can help can make all the difference; especially around the holidays when people are generous and looking for good causes to support. You’re doing vital work on your campus and in your community and you should feel good proudly sharing how people can help you continue to do that work.

Want to brainstorm more, ask for other ideas, and hear what other fundraisers chapters are up to this winter? Join us in the “Chapter Fundraising” channel on the Active Minds Slack Network.