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Bridging the Gaps: Mental Health in the Workplace

While workplaces provide many important benefits, experiences, and opportunities for employees, stressors related to quotas, expectations, work-life balance, deadlines, and working from home inevitably arise. Without a plan in place to equip employees through these hurdles, employees may experience self-doubt, isolation, reduced performance, and even loneliness. Greg Vogt’s presentation serves as a catalyst to help…

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Virtual Version of Presentations and Workshops

Greg offers virtual versions of his presentations and workshops

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The New Unavoidable: Mental Health through Transition

College often receives high praise such as, “It’s the best four years of your life.” The reality is that may or may not be true for each person. What does ring true for most students is that going to college is often the greatest time of transition they’ve experienced thus far. What comes with this…

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