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What resources are available to help me?

The following resources will help you make the case by gathering other campus partners, data, and student stories ahead of your meeting: Active Minds’ COVID-19 Recommendations Transform Your Campus advocacy guide The Steve Fund & JED Foundation’s Equity in Mental Health Framework

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How should I define success?

First, ask the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion office if this is already provided on your campus. If not, gather student leadership to partner with you (i.e. student government, RAs, student organizations, etc.) and gather letters of support from appropriate offices/departments (i.e. Counseling Center, Equity/Inclusion Office, Multicultural Center, etc.). Ask for a meeting with department heads/chairs, deans,…

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Who should I talk to in order to make change happen?

Department heads/chairs, deans, and your Provost/VP of Academic Affairs

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