Alpha Sigma Phi + Active Minds

Everyone has mental health, and each of us deserves to feel confident we can turn to our community for support when we are struggling. It’s with strength of character that we ask for support when we need it, and to show up for the people around us when they are struggling.

Active Minds is the nation’s leading nonprofit working to empower young adults to change the conversation about mental health. Through education, research, and advocacy, Active Minds is opening the conversation about mental health and creating lasting change in the way mental health is valued in our communities.

We are proud to be a philanthropic partner of Alpha Sigma Phi, together bettering the world through better men who are committed to the mental health of their peers and communities.

Check to see if your campus has an Active Minds chapter that you may collaborate with! 


additional resources

Our goal is for each of you to have tools and resources that will let you open the conversation about mental health both at your chapter and across your campuses.


  • About Active Minds
  • Find out if your campus has an Active Minds chapter and consider collaborating with them.
  • “The World Needs You Here” Bracelets – buy an individual bracelet, or a bundle to sell on campus on campus to make sure everyone sees and remembers that important message.
  • Active Minds logos: If you are planning an event to benefit Active Minds and/or collaborating with an Active Minds chapter, you are welcome to use our logos!
  • Active Minds Spirit Week: Raise awareness about mental health and support Active Minds with our Spirit Week downloadable kit.
  • Fundraise on behalf of the Active Minds mental health movement!
  • Active Minds Programs: Explore our many programs for ideas about how you can elevate the conversation about mental health on your campus.
  • Active Minds Speakers — consider bringing a professional mental health speaker to your campus this fall.



Put the FUN in fundraising! A few ideas:


  • Organize a sports tournament (i.e. dodgeball, kickball, golf, etc.). Charge teams (six people to a team) $XX to play and a $X admission fee to students who want to watch. Partner with local organizations to donate team prizes, door prizes, food and refreshments.
  • Host a comedy night or open mic, featuring your most talented brothers. Charge $5 admission to a restaurant or locale that will share part-of-proceeds on refreshments with your chapter and partner with local organizations to provide door prizes.
  • Pie or paint a brother event. Charge $5 for a water balloon filled with paint or pie to paint/pie an Alpha Sig brother.
  • Do an exam week comfort food fundraiser in the library or another study spot. Late at night, nothing hits the spot like a fresh grilled cheese sandwich, waffle, or hot chocolate. You could even deliver the food to dorms for an additional donation.
  • Organize a dance, masquerade, or another social event. Charge for tickets to attend an event with music, socializing, snacks, etc. Consider having a local grocery store or craft store donate supplies such as snacks, refreshments, and decorations.
  • Sell merchandise. Active Minds can provide “The World Need You Here” bracelets and other merchandise that provide a mental health/suicide prevention message for selling on campus or in the community. Other fraternities have also had luck selling special gear (with mental health messaging or not) to alumni and/or students.
  • Cards of Kindness. A fun, creative, and low (or no) cost way to fundraise for Active Minds while spreading a message of friendship and compassion in your community.