NSCS + Active Minds

nscs & active minds

Each of us deserves to feel confident that we can turn to our community for support when we are struggling. It’s with strength of character that we ask for support when we need it, and to show up for our peers when they are struggling.

Active Minds is the nation’s leading nonprofit working to empower young adults to change the culture around mental health. Through education, research, and advocacy, Active Minds is creating a cultural shift in the way mental health is valued in our communities.

We are proud to be a philanthropic partner of NSCS! Together we are changing the culture around mental health through our mutual commitment to the mental health of young adults and communities.

Check to see if your campus has an Active Minds chapter that you may collaborate with!


additional resources

Our goal is for each of you to have tools and resources that will let you open the conversation about mental health both at your chapter and across your campuses.


  • About Active Minds
  • Find out if your campus has an Active Minds Chapter and collaborate with them on campus events, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns.
  • Active Minds Logos: If you are planning an event to benefit Active Minds and/or collaborating with an Active Minds chapter, we encourage you to use one of our campus logos.
  • Fundraise on behalf of the Active Minds mental health movement!
  • Active Minds Programs: Explore our many programs for ideas about how you can elevate the conversation about mental health on your campus.
    • Active Minds Speakers: Consider bringing a professional, mental health speaker to your campus this fall.
    • V-A-R: Bring V-A-R to your chapter, an everyday tool for everyday conversations. Validate- Appreciate- Refer are three easy-to-use steps that provide a path to listening and responding in a helpful way.
    • Send Silence Packing: Apply to bring Send Silence Packing, our traveling suicide awareness display, to your campus.
    • Stress Less Week: Host Stress Less Week on your campus and use our tool kit to provide education about stress and anxiety.
  • Life at Your Pace: In light of COVID-19, we are encouraging students to set healthy boundaries when returning to their schools. Check out our Life at Your Pace resources help make your chapter meetings and events accessible for all attendees.