Tracks: Beyond the Foundations

All chapters are encouraged to focus first and foremost on their Chapter Foundations, designed based on public health and mental health best practices for changing the conversation on campus. From there, chapters who are ready and enthusiastic have the option to pursue goal-specific tracks. Chapters can begin a track and access the support materials created by Active Minds National at anytime. They can also pursue more than one track at a time, if they have the capacity. These tracks are designed to be adaptable, based on the creativity and goals of the chapter.


Leaders are taking their foundations to the next level. They are committed to diving into consistent, high-quality leadership and  programming on their campus throughout the academic year. Beyond the Foundations, Leaders are doing even more awareness building and creative programming.

  • Collaboration across campus demonstrated by two or more partnerships with other organizations, departments, etc.
  • National campaigns and creative programming


Innovators are working to create major fundraising/large-scale programs on their campuses. These programs might be a national program of Active Minds, such as Send Silence Packing or the Active Minds Speakers Bureau. Perhaps it’s a major event invented by your own chapter. Beyond the Foundations, Innovators are working to bring mental health messaging to campus on a macro-scale.

  • Major fundraising and programming efforts
  • Creation of school-wide annual program
  • Leadership committees


Transformers are embarking upon a campus policy change through Active Minds’ Transform Your Campus (TYC) campaign. One or more chapter members will select a TYC campaign and conduct it on campus. Beyond the Foundations, Transformers are researching and changing campus policy.

  • Conduct campus research
  • Implement TYC


Advocates are engaging in mental health policy change beyond their campuses. They are working at the county, state, and national level to advocate for investment in student and community mental health. Beyond the Foundations, Advocates are involved with their local government entities to enhance mental health policy on a broader scale.

  • Attend local government meetings
  • Organize around policy change