Hit Your Chapter Fundraising Goals on Facebook!

Active Minds
Active Minds

Looking for ways to meet your chapter fundraising goals? There are tons of options and we’d love to help spark some ideas.

One that is easy and accessible is the Facebook fundraising platform! Many people have had success fundraising through their social media network.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a post and click the “Support Nonprofit” option (shown below).
  2. Select Active Minds as your beneficiary.
  3. Add a sentence about what your chapter is up to/why it matters to you, and share widely!
  4. Send an email to chapters@activeminds.org to let us know that your fundraiser is on behalf of your chapter. From there we will make sure that the dollars you raise are properly credited to your chapter’s fundraising goals!


  • Fundraising efforts are most successful when they are connected to a compelling cause and/or story. With that in mind, let your network know why you care about Active Minds, and that their support will help ensure that your chapter receives the materials that you need to strengthen and sustain your work on campus.
  • Encourage your Active Minds teammates to post Facebook fundraisers of their own!