How Active Minds Speakers Can Help You Create Lasting Mental Health Change

Jazmine Taylor
Jazmine Taylor

Research shows that peer-to-peer outreach is the best way to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental health and to encourage people to seek help if they need it. Since 2009, the Active Minds Speakers have provided mental health outreach for students and young adults nationwide, sharing their personal stories regarding mental health struggles and resilience. With mental health struggles on the rise, our Speakers shed light on educational mental health experiences for audiences, opening up the conversation about mental health and creating a lasting impact on the way people talk about mental health. This year, we are excited to add four new speakers to our incredible roster — meet Jade, Brandon, Jiggy, and Kevin below, and learn more about the importance of mental health storytelling in changing the culture.

Headshot for Active Minds Mental Health Speaker Jade Mathis

Jade Mathis, Esq.

Jade Ellis Mathis, Esq., also known as “The Resilient JEM,” is a former criminal justice reform prosecutor, TEDx speaker, mental health advocate, and television personality. After receiving a life-changing diagnosis of clinical depression, ADHD, and a learning disorder in her junior year in college, she was determined to change the way the world views mental health. Jade’s bold, authentic, and unapologetic approach to addressing mental health is admired and respected by many. In 2016, she gained national notoriety after sharing her story of resilience and perseverance in her viral testimony “Don’t Quit, Anything Can Happen” video with over 900k views. Jade currently works with the National Institute of Health and the Black Greek Letter Consortium as their mental health influencer and keynote speaker.

We encourage you to consider bringing Jade to your next school or community event for incredible conversations on workplace mental health, resilience in adversity, and the criminal justice system’s intersection with mental health.


Brandon Bond

Headshot for Active Minds Mental Health Speaker Brandon Bond

Brandon Bond is the mental health and well-being student advocate at the University of Michigan. With various degrees in biopsychology, health behavior and education, and global social work, Brandon brings extensive expertise to his advocate work. Collaborating with Active Minds and MTV Entertainment, Brandon’s contributions have created a national youth mental health peer support campaign called A.S.K. Acknowledge, Support, Keep-in-Touch — the new “stop, drop, and roll” for informal peer support. With experience as a wellness coach, non-profit work for Directors for Garrett’s Space (a young adult suicide prevention organization), and the mayoral-appointed Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Ann Arbor, Brandon holds his foot in the door of many mental health wellness initiatives. Brandon furthered his wellness work as an Active Minds Emerging Fellow, orchestrating an integrative wellness pop-up barbershop event for males of color on campus. Brandon’s advocacy extends beyond campus borders, as he passionately advocates for federal peer support advancement policies through Mental Health America’s inaugural Youth Policy Accelerator. 

Interested in hearing more from Brandon? Bring him to your community for faculty and staff trainings and to talk about all things related to mental health for men and People of Color.


Headshot for Active Minds Mental Health Speaker Na Eun "Jiggy" YoonNa Eun “Jiggy” Yoon 

Na Eun “Jiggy” Yoon is a mental health motivational speaker teaching students, athletes, and young professionals how to perform at their most optimal level while inspiring them to prioritize their mental health. Jiggy was born in South Korea, built in Queens, and has proudly graduated from Pennsylvania State University, where she was also diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes during her time there. She possesses a deep dedication to empowering those who are committed to the pursuit of becoming extraordinary, defying odds by living with a chronic illness alongside training in combat sports and being a Queer Asian woman. As a mindset and performance coach, she helps competitive athletes and world champions build strategies to obtain sustainable, successful, and healthy careers. Additionally, Jiggy is the founder of Vulnerability Is Dope, an apparel collection with a meaningful message promoting resilience and the power of hope. Jiggy persevered through many different challenges, losses, and traumas in life in hopes that one day she can impact and inspire others who may see a little bit of themselves in her story. 

Curious about Jiggy’s story? Bring her to your community  to dive deeper into mental health within the LGBTQ+ community, People of Color and mental health (including the immigrant experience), and trauma, particularly regarding grieving.


Headshot for Active Minds Mental Health Speaker Kevin BerthiaKevin Berthia

Kevin Berthia is a suicide survivor, advocate, and speaker. Since 2013, Kevin has captivated his audiences with his candidness about overcoming his pain and fully embracing himself to live his best life. Through high school and into his early twenties, Kevin was known as the life of the party until his very public suicide attempt at the Golden Gate Bridge changed everything. He lives to inspire others to break their silence and know that help is available. Kevin believes that having survived an attempted suicide plays a significant role in the prevention of additional suicides, and he shares his own experience to inspire people across the nation, as No one knows more about the darkness that surrounds suicide than those who have walked in its shadow. His inspiring story of hope has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show, Red Table Talk, and Dr. Phil and has touched people worldwide.

Looking to share stories of hope and resilience? Bring Kevin to your next event to hear more about suicide prevention, men’s mental health, and depression.

Bringing Active Minds Speakers to your school or community can be a transformative step toward fostering a culture of wellness and mental health support. These speakers not only share personal stories and experiences that resonate deeply with audiences but also provide invaluable insights, resources, and tools to navigate the complexities of mental health. By inviting Active Minds Speakers, you’re not just hosting a mental health event; you’re igniting meaningful conversations, breaking down stigma, and empowering individuals to prioritize their mental well-being. We’d love to partner with you in fostering these experiences — please complete this form for more information and to be connected with our team.