12 Ways to Promote Mental Health Awareness on Your Campus

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Lee Ann Gardner
Lee Ann Gardner

Now’s a great time to look ahead and plan your programs through the end of Fall semester and beyond; if you’re looking for a way to promote your Active Minds chapter on your campus, and raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention, consider hosting an event around one of the mental health awareness campaigns coming up!  Let Active Minds Speakers Bureau provide a presenter on one of the topics being highlighted, and remember– when you book an AMSB speaker, your chapter will receive programming credits toward your annual fundraising goal!

It’s not too late to organize an event around National Depression Screening Day®, Oct. 6 or World Mental Health Day, Oct. 10; Mental Illness Awareness Week takes place Oct. 2-8; all of the Active Minds speakers talk candidly about the impact of mental health disorders on their lives, and the process of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

The entire month of October recognizes ADHD Awareness, a topic Pablo Campos addresses candidly; and Bullying Prevention Month takes place in October, too. Danee Sergeant, Kai Roberts, Stacy Pershall and Colleen Coffey offer their unique perspectives on what it’s like to be the target of this behavior and its effects.

In November, we observe International Survivors of Suicide Day on Nov. 16; Stacy Pershall, Jordan Burnham, Pablo Campos, David Romano and Meg Hutchinson share their stories of living a full life after a suicide attempt.

February 27-March 5 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week; Stacy Pershall, Maggie Bertram and Colleen Coffey share their personal stories about their own struggles with eating disorders.

March is Self-harm Awareness Month; Juliana Kerrest, David Romano, Pablo Campos and Jordan Burnham share their stories of depression, emotional pain and self-injury, shining a light on why it happens and how they are recovering.

April is National Minority Health Month, and that includes mental health; Jordan Burnham, Kai, Roberts, Danee Sergeant, and Pablo Campos share their lived experience with mental health disorders as members of minority cultures.  April is also Stress Awareness Month—and who DOESN’T feel stress from time to time?  Each of the Active Minds speakers has a unique story and message about how stress affects us and how to overcome it.  Alcohol Awareness Month is observed in April, too; Bryan Adams, Danee Sergeant, Janelle Montano, Jordan Burnham and Pablo Campos talk about their use and abuse of alcohol (and other substances) as part of their disorders.

May is Mental Health Month (May 7-13 is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week); May 16-22 is National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week. The Active Minds speakers are available to come to your campus and talk about anxiety, depression, suicide prevention, PTSD, substance use and abuse, and more.

Whatever your focus is, and whenever your event will take place, let us help you educate your campus, promote mental wellness and earn program credits!  Contact the Active Minds Speakers Bureau at speakers@activeminds.org or at 202-332-9595 x102 TODAY!