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Colleen Coffey is a professional mental health speaker from Active Minds. Her story gives hope a voice.

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About Colleen

Dr. Colleen Coffey has spent over two decades in the training and development space. The most tenured member of our bureau, Colleen lives and thrives with ADHD and some associate anxiety, but thriving was not always the case. It took years, trial and error and significant self advocacy to land on the right treatment and diagnosis. As someone who has navigated life long challenges with personal and family mental health, she has a unique perspective to speak to students, parents, workplaces and individuals.

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Colleen currently works in organizational personality psychology and is certified as a Personalysis Master Practitioner. Colleen also serves as an adjunct instructor for the renowned programming company, Phired Up, as an organizational growth teacher. She is a nationally recognized presenter and is sought after for her exceptional empathy and engaging style.

Colleen is a published author, has been principal investigator on over 10 studies on organizational culture, and is a passionate advocate for the sorority experience, mental health and organ donation.

Colleen lives outside of Nashville,TN with her husband and three school aged children. She is a United Methodist, ally, lover of children with different needs, cheer coach, and yogi. Her belief in humanity is contagious and she will leave you laughing, thinking, and changing.

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Key topics

  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Neurodiversity
  • Parenting and Mental Health
  • Pregnancy Mental Health
  • Athletes
  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Faculty/Staff Trainings
  • Greek Life
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Religion/Spirituality
  • Self-Care/Recovery
  • Stigma Reduction
  • Workplace Mental Health


Colleen's Presentation Options

Colleen Coffey shares her story with audiences across the country, relating her earliest memories of anxiety at the age of three, through her teens, and into adulthood.

In this powerful program, Colleen Coffey shares her experience of surviving with mental illness as a platform to discuss what it means to live a complete and authentic life. This program teaches audiences about knowing yourself, loving others, and realizing that YOU are ENOUGH. Colleen shares powerful and specific tools for mindfulness, self-affirmation, listening openly, and loving oneself and others without judgment. This is a tremendous program for faculty/staff, student groups, non-profit or corporate retreats and team-building exercises. Audiences will walk away feeling more whole and more connected to each other. This program requires 2-4 hours.

This 60 minute workshop offers students and faculty the opportunity to learn about and discuss how to start and grow an Active Minds chapter.

This interactive program is geared specifically towards fraternity and sorority chapters. Colleen shares her story and provides chapter leaders with the tools they need to create a stigma-free environment in their chapters. Through a variety of mechanisms, Colleen will consult with students about how to be open, honest and respectful in relationships with each other and within their organization. Colleen “gets Greek” really well and connects the values of each organization to mental wellness in a way that students have called “relevant,” “thought provoking” and “inspiring.”

Colleen has passions and experiences far beyond the mental health platform. Ask about having her teach a Pilates class, facilitate a conversation on conflict resolution, speak as an advocate/ally for disenfranchised groups, or provide transformational information about organ donation to your students.

Colleen offers virtual versions of her presentations and workshops.

Learn about showing up for your friends, love ones, co-workers and/or students in their everyday struggles. The letters V-A-R correspond to three steps: Validate-Appreciate-Refer. The steps are easy-to-understand, easy-to-do, and easy-to-remember. They provide a guide for active listening and responding in a helpful way. A conversation can be life changing. For many people, feeling supported is just what they need.

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Colleen travels from Tennessee


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“Colleen connected well with our attendees and shared a compelling, heartfelt story that moved the attendees to action.”

Rick Burt
Training and Development Manager
Alpha Gamma Delta


“Most people who die by suicide don’t really want to die–they just don’t see another way out. I’m here to tell you that there is another way out. All that feelings do is change, but living and dying are both immutable states of being.

The way out is in.

The way out is about having the courage to tell someone you are not ok and to seek help at the first signs of feeling out of control. The way out is to learn how to cope with things that seem impossible and to continue to surround yourself with people that love you.”

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Colleen is such a lovely person who connected with individuals before, during, and after her presentation with such passion and professionalism.

Alyssa Snyder

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