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Since 2009, Active Minds Speakers have been the go-to resource for mental health education and storytelling. Our professional speakers are highly trained to provide engaging, encouraging, and safe presentations that raise awareness about mental health and wellness, suicide prevention, and stigma reduction to a wide range of audiences including high schools, universities, conferences, workplaces, parents and professional groups.


struggles are common, help is available, and recovery is possible

Active Minds Speakers’ personal stories show that mental health struggles are common, help is available, and recovery is possible. Their relatable presentations interweave key mental health messages, creating an inspiring and educational experience for audiences. Research shows that the best way to reduce stigma and increase help seeking is through peer-to-peer outreach. Through interweaving key educational messaging with real world experiences, our speakers’ presentations do just that!

Each speaker shares their own personal story about their mental health experiences, diagnoses, treatment, and recovery. No matter what your campus, community, or organization may be facing, our speakers can provide tailored presentations to address a variety of mental health topics including but not limited to suicide prevention, depression, anxiety, life transitions, self-care, stigma reduction, addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders, LGBTQ+ topics, minority mental health, sexual assault, trauma, bullying, school safety, and more. Listening to a courageous 60 minute mental health story could truly change the life of someone in your community.


rave reviews

Over 90% of attendees have reported that an Active Minds Speaker presentation:

  • Increased their knowledge about mental health.
  • Motivated them to reach out to someone they know who may be struggling.
  • Encouraged them to seek support, if they needed it.

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Our professional speakers provide engaging, encouraging, and safe mental health education that’s tailored for students, young adults, educators, professional groups, and other audiences.

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