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How much does it cost to host an Active Minds speaker?

Our inclusive pricing and dependable service means there are no surprises. We will work closely with you to help you create a memorable, educational, and inspiring experience for your audience that fits within your budget.

Fees vary by the speaker selected, format, nature of the event, number of presentations, travel required, and any additional programming requested. Most engagements cost between $2,000 and $5,000, although fees may vary based on travel, selected speaker, and other factors. Please contact Active Minds for a formal quote by filling out a Host Application form.

Online events are now available. 

What does the fee include?

Standard speaker fees include the speaker’s honorarium, air or train fares, ground transportation in the speaker’s city of origin, and meals. In addition, the host organization is asked to provide local ground transfers and hotel accommodations. Fees for international events are often subject to an incremental increase in cost.

For online events, the fee includes the speaker’s presentation, customized planning meetings, webinar set up and facilitation, event coordination and more.

Does it cost more for a longer presentation?

Generally, yes. Because each speaker has a unique fee structure, we recommend that you contact us if you have a specific format in mind.

Many speakers charge a base fee for one-hour presentations or keynotes. This fee often increases incrementally, depending on your requirements, from half day to full day seminars. In some cases, a speaker will charge the same fee for a presentation regardless of whether it’s an hour or a full day seminar.

Can we offer additional components along with the presentation?

Yes! Some groups plan for an extended agenda to enhance their audience’s experience and make the most of the time with their chosen speaker. This could include a workshop, mental health or suicide prevention training, book signing, panel presentation, or other add-on component. See the Planning Information page for details.

We have a limited budget. Can we still host a speaker?

Many host organizations have limited resources. Organizations with limited budgets often find success with some of these strategies:

  • Co-sponsor! This is a great way to share the costs of the speaker and to promote attendance from a wider audience. Co-sponsoring is also a great way to build partnerships with other organizations for the future.
  • If you’re located at a school, contact the administration, student activities office, or counseling center. Often these departments have access to resources that can be used for mental health awareness programs.
  • Approach local like-minded organizations who may be interested in hosting a speaker with you. There are many community-based groups that can provide volunteers, promotional resources,  and financial assistance for mental health awareness or suicide prevention events in their communities.
  • Collaborate with a local Active Minds Chapter.

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