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Funding options for chapters

We’ve put together an extensive set of funding resources to bring an Active Minds speaker to your campus. For example, we offer customizable templates to help you ask for funding from individuals, businesses, your school, and other like-minded organizations.

Active Minds also offers Chapter Development Grants. You can apply for up to $250 to support your efforts to book a speaker, bringing your chapter one step closer to your goal.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to brainstorm and explore various funding opportunities for your chapter. It’s our job to help support you from start to finish, and we may have unique suggestions to meet your individual chapter needs.

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Our professional speakers provide engaging, encouraging, and safe mental health education that’s tailored for students, young adults, educators, professional groups, and other audiences.

Contact us to find out how to bring one of our acclaimed speakers to your location for a memorable lecture, keynote, workshop, or other speaking engagement.

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