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Greg Vogt is a professional mental health speaker from Active Minds. His story gives hope a voice.

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About Greg

In his raw and transformational speeches, Greg unfolds his journey from living a typical childhood to battling depression, suicide attempts, and spending a year in a mental health treatment center.  A story of personal recovery and healing, Greg faces unexpected external obstacles when he experiences the tragic loss of his favorite high school teacher by suicide, and then of one of his best college friends in a car accident. 

The road to recovery began during his time at a mental health center as a teenager, where he had been sent when his mental health became life-threatening. There, Greg discovered the power of vulnerability, the importance of real relationships, and the act of admitting faults. While in the treatment center, he realized the opportunity he had to pursue a path of mental wellness.

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Greg graduated from The University of Arizona in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. During his time as a student, Greg spent nearly two and a half years writing and publishing a book. A self-help memoir, “The Battle Against Yourself,” was written with the mission to help students who are struggling to find hope, identity, and fulfillment.  

Since publishing his story, Greg’s mission to help has expanded to college campuses and other groups across the country. In his engaging talks, Greg drives home the importance of seeking support and supporting those around us to do the same, the power of sharing our experiences, and the benefit of overcoming the fear that we are alone in these experiences. 

Greg set his life towards reaching wide and deep to inspire spiritual, emotional, and mental growth among those he interacts with. Once walking through life feeling empty, Greg wants all audiences to understand that hope is possible. He understands first-hand what it’s like to lose all hope and not believe that life can get better. Through his relationships, experiences, mental wellness, and faith, Greg found hope and the motivation he needed to move forward. Even our greatest burdens can turn out to be blessings.

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Key topics

  • Anxiety
  • Athletes
  • Depression
  • Faculty/staff trainings
  • Greek Life
  • Men and mental health
  • Recovery through creativity
  • Religion/spirituality
  • Self-care/recovery
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Workplace mental health


Greg's Presentation Options

One conversation has the capability to change your life. Just one. Detailing his lived experiences battling depression, anxiety, suicide attempts, psychiatric hospital visits, and loss of loved ones… to graduating college, becoming a published author, speaking across the country, and starting a family, Greg gives us a new way to look at hope; through conversations. Ordinary, everyday conversations, like the ones that unexpectedly happened to him… A conversation with a high school Spanish teacher that changed the course of his mental health journey. A conversation with his dad on the living room couch that changed his prospects for college. A conversation with a man on an airplane that changed what faith means to him. And a conversation with a girl on a cruise ship…who later would turn out to be his wife. The stories told through Greg’s speech will give students hope, encouragement, and confidence by providing the following truths embedded throughout the presentation:

  • Current circumstances don’t define our future.
  • The greatest change can happen at our worst times.
  • We can have struggles and live a life of joy and purpose.
  • We are not alone in our thoughts, feelings, experiences, or circumstances.
  • We must give ourselves permission to experience two emotions at the same time; joy and sadness, confidence and doubt, excitement and fear, among others.
  • We all have the intangibles that are necessary to have courageous conversations with others that can impact their life, and we will talk through how to have those conversations.
  • One conversation can change or even save someone’s life.

College often receives high praise such as, “It’s the best four years of your life.” The reality is that may or may not be true for each person. What does ring true for most students is that going to college is often the greatest time of transition they’ve experienced thus far. What comes with this transition is opportunity, excitement, and growth, but also stress, fear, and responsibility. Whether it is the transition from high school to college or college to the professional world, Greg’s keynote shows how we can capitalize on transitional periods in our life by focusing on our mental wellness. Students will hear his raw personal story, from battling depression, suicidal ideations, and spending a year at a treatment center, to graduating from college and becoming a published author. The takeaways are transformational for students and young professionals; how to help a friend in need, and how to maximize your own potential. Greg‘s presentation can be adapted for high schools, colleges, parents, or professional audiences. 

While workplaces provide many important benefits, experiences, and opportunities for employees, stressors related to quotas, expectations, work-life balance, deadlines, and working from home inevitably arise. Without a plan in place to equip employees through these hurdles, employees may experience self-doubt, isolation, reduced performance, and even loneliness. Greg Vogt’s presentation serves as a catalyst to help employees and employers feel comfortable and empowered to have productive and safe conversations about mental health in the workplace. Greg offers a unique perspective with his lived experience facing mental health challenges paired with his background working for a Fortune 100 company. In this session, audiences will learn about the impact of mental health in the workplace, strategies to normalize the conversation, resources for seeking help, and a simple active listening tool for responding to a coworker who is struggling. Whether you are part of a small company or an industry leader, all audiences will find value in bridging the gap between mental health and the workplace.

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Travel information

Greg travels from Sacramento, California.


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“Greg was professional, confident and did an excellent job of addressing each of the audiences for the two speeches he gave. While telling his story, because it related to the students, he had their undivided attention. The overall experience for both parents and students was very positive.”

– Ian Petersen, Program Director, Heritage Residential Treatment Center

“Loved it. He wasn’t trying to sugar coat mental health but instead, he related to others going through it as well.” 

– Student from Merced College


Greg’s presentation style was incredibly captivating. I am especially thankful that Greg was so honest about his personal trials with mental illness. This is not only very brave, but also really meaningful for attendees who have had similar experiences.

Shrita Pendekanti

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