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PostSecretU is the official secret-sharing program for colleges and other organizations. Based on the wildly popular PostSecret postcard project, it offers a highly interactive and engaging way to raise awareness about mental health.

The PostSecretU kit, available exclusively from Active Minds, has everything you need to hold a successful event, and was developed with the guidance, support, and full endorsement of Frank Warren, creator of PostSecret.


Frank Warren talks about PostSecretU while visiting the Active Minds national office

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PostSecretU is a great way to build awareness and support for positive conversations about mental health. The program encourages individuals to creatively and anonymously express any secrets, regrets, fears, desires, or talents they might otherwise hide. The public display of many people’s secrets conveys to individuals that they are not alone and can speak up and reach out for help if needed.

The secrets submitted for a PostSecretU event are sometimes humorous, more often serious, and all genuine statements that have the power to inspire a viewer to think, “Hey, me too!”.

PostSecretU promotes a supportive and open community, and each postcard that’s distributed includes information about local mental health resources.

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