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Allow at least six weeks to plan

You’ll need to build in at least six weeks to plan your PostSecretU event. It takes three weeks to receive your PostSecretU kit plus an additional three weeks to plan, prepare, and distribute the postcards and to promote and organize a PostSecretU public display. Give yourself enough time to promote and implement the program in an exciting, authentic, safe, and educational way.

Active Minds staff are available to advise you as you plan. Please contact us for more information.


Choose a kit size

Both small and large PostSecretU kits are available. See the Cost and Kit Info page for details on what’s in the kits, their cost, and purchasing information.


Nail down some initial logistics

Your PostSecretU kit includes customized sticky notes. The small kit has 2,000 sticky notes and the large kit has 10,000 sticky notes. These notes have a PostSecretU logo on it with your organization’s name and other information.

You’ll need to nail down some logistics before ordering your PostSecretU kit so the customized sticky notes can be produced and shipped to you. The sticky notes need to include 1) when and where postcards will be collected, and 2) who to contact for mental health services (this can be a counseling center, health services center, or hotline).

Your team will affix a sticky note to each postcard you plan to distribute so the people receiving them will know where to return their postcards and where to get mental health services if needed.


Remember that secrets can be uncomfortable

By their nature, secrets often make us uncomfortable. PostSecretU will bring up challenging and sometimes taboo topics, and may not be right for every campus or organization. If your community is receptive, supportive, courageous, and willing to embrace challenges, however, PostSecretU can foster very important conversations about mental health!

Consider whether your campus or community is able to have these conversations in a positive and productive way. Imagine who will likely submit postcards. Think about the outcome you’re trying to achieve. You’ll want to review the Risk Management page and have plans in place so you can work to keep PostSecretU safe for your community.  See our gallery featuring examples of submitted postcards.

If you are part of an Active Minds chapter or other student group, you may want to adapt and use our Sample Letter to Administrators to address any concerns about hosting PostSecretU on campus.

Put together a plan and a planning team

To help ensure your PostSecretU event is a great success, put together a stellar planning team to help with the following:

  1. Coordinate with campus administrators and other decision makers
  2. Prepare postcards for distribution
  3. Advertise to encourage people to submit postcards
  4. Collect submitted postcards
  5. Put together a committee to review and vet postcards
  6. Create a risk management plan
  7. Organize an event or a display to showcase the submitted postcards
  8. Advertise to encourage your community to view the display
  9. Provide mental health resources in conjunction with the public viewing

Each PostSecretU kit includes a 40-page implementation guide with details on the above and much more.

Ithaca College created this video to encourage everyone to participate in the college’s PostSecretU program.

Create partnerships

Rather than plan PostSecretU on your own, you can use it as an opportunity to build relationships with other groups that care about mental health. On school campuses, for example, one key group to collaborate with is the campus counseling center. Contact them to determine how involved they would they like to be in the PostSecretU effort and what mental health services they’d like to promote.

Consider safety issues

Because of Active Minds’ commitment to mental health awareness and education, Active Minds is the only organization approved to offer materials for PostSecret-related events for campuses and other organizations. Important resources and safeguards are only available in PostSecretU kits.

For safety and copyright reasons, unofficial PostSecret programs are not permitted. Please see the Risk Management page for more information.

Respect PostSecretU copyrights and trademarks

Active Minds worked closely with Frank Warren to develop PostSecretU with his guidance, support, and full endorsement. PostSecret is copyrighted by Frank Warren and he has not granted permission for other PostSecret events or programs.

When using the PostSecretU kit materials, resources, or recommendations, you must maintain the PostSecretU name and branding.

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