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PostSecretU from Active Minds


Everything you need is in the kit!

Choose between the small PostSecretU kit containing 2,000 postcards and other materials, or the large PostSecretU kit with 10,000 postcards and other materials.

Because of the sensitive nature of mental health events, organizations must complete a Purchase Form and Program Agreement prior to purchasing a PostSecretU kit. If you have any questions, please contact us.

What you’ll receive

Small Kit Large Kit
Postcards 2,000 10,000
PostSecretU Discussion Guide 1 1
“I shared my secret” stickers 1,000 5,000
PostSecretU pens 25 45
PostSecretU t-shirts 4 7
Signed PostSecretU book 1 2
Planning and implementation guide 1 1

Cost information

The small kit is $450 and the large kit is $1,100. Shipping is included.

Active Minds chapters receive a discount on PostSecretU kits. The chapter cost is $350 for the small kit and $850 for the large kit.


Planning guide

Each PostSecretU kit includes a 40-page implementation guide with the following:

  • Planning checklist
  • Collaboration guide
  • Marketing resources
  • Core and supplemental programming guides
  • Presenting to campus administrators
  • Press and media resources

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